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  • HIP

    The company has four hot isostatic pressing equipment(HIP), which in 2014 officially put into use in Sweden Avure's large hot isostatic press, effective working hot zone Ф1046 * 2500mm, maximum operating temperature 1400 ℃, the maximum working pressure of 160MPa, the device is At present, the size of the largest importer of hot isostatic pressing equipment.

  • Plasma spraying system

    A plasma spray system includes a combustion unit connected to at least one port for supplying a flow of a combustible fluid from an external source of fuel and oxidant. The combustion unit includes a permeable burner block constructed to receive said combustible fluid from and to generate a high-energy stream of gas. The plasma spray system also includes an exhaust nozzle constructed to direct the high-energy stream of gas toward a substrate, and a material delivery unit constructed to deliver a material into the high-energy stream of gas to form a highly energized stream of particles. When the plasma spray system is used for bead blasting, the provided material is an abrasive material. Alternatively, when the thermal spray system is used for coating a substrate, the provided material is a coating material. The material delivery unit may be an injector or an electric arc unit. Instead of the combustion unit burning the combustible fluid, the thermal spray system may include a source of a high-pressure preheated gas such as a plasma source or an electric heat exchange source.

  • V type blender mixer


  • Vacuum package machine

    Vacuum package prevent metallic product avoiding of oxidation and scratch on the surface

  • Exhibition room

    Our prducts had exhibited on Made in China website,welcome your visiting on our website.

  • CIP

    The company currently has two cold isostatic pressing equipment(CIP).The working dimensions are Ф830 * 2000mm and Ф350 * 500mm, for testing and production use.

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